gaki_rin (gaki_rin) wrote,

[how ca'n crunch saved my life]

mmmk, so i'm here at the bu. and i have to go in five minutes to get to classes so tengo que escribir muy rapido. I just got mi internet working this morning and will be expecting any of the following [you're allowed to do more than one, though]
a) phone calls
b) e-mails
c) visits
d) comments to this [I'd rather c, though]

because there a blessed few actual humans here. =( oh teh sadness of it all.

but it's pretty sweet here

- the food hours. breakfast ENDS at 9 [what the crap?]

and there's a wicked hot guy in my screenwriting class. so gorgeous. ^^ joy

I heart the T all day long and at night. It's quite loud [i have to watch out for it as i cross the road so as to not be hit and pummelled]

and i think i have moderate access to screenplays that I can use for humanities

my mouth tastes wierd.


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