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(Lets see if you can get through it. If not, then you're too scared about your past.)
-Longest relationship:
Depends upon definition of the word, never dated regularly

-How many boyfriends/girlfriends have told you that they loved you?

-How many of them meant it when they said they loved you?

-Have you ever thought you were going to marry the person you were with?

-Have you ever loved someone so much that it hurt?
a little

-Have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
i don't think so

-Are you happier single or in a relationship?

-Have you ever been cheated on?

-Have you ever had your heart broken?
have to have a heart first

-Have you ever broken someone's heart?

-Talk to any of your ex's?

-Think any of your ex's still feel the same way they did about you when you were dating?

-Do you believe that you are a good boyfriend/girlfriend?
no. i'm horrible

-Ever dated someone that wasn't good to you?
not "dated"

-Have you been in an abusive relationship?

-Have you dated someone older than you?
not by much

-Dated someone younger than you?

-Do you regret anything that you have or haven't done with a boyfriend/girlfriend?

-Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?
not everyone. like pedophiles don't. first time felons do

-Believe in love at first sight?
not the kind that might last

-Ever dated two people at once?

-Ever been given an engagement ring?
nope. this isn't awkward at all

-Do you have something to say to any of your ex's?
Still alive out there?

-Ever stolen someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
eh, no

-Ever liked someone else's boyfriend/girlfriend?
the kid with the hat /sigh

-Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?

Name: Laura
Birth Date: September 19
Current Location: bedroom
Hair Color: brown
Righty/Lefty: right

Your fear: lack of internet/ability to connect to everything
Your dream of the perfect date: chillin, maybe smoking, maybe playing video games. keep the romance on the DL, it wierds me out
Goal you'd like to achieve: harmonica, learn to dance, become a master of a craft
Your best friend: Emily, maybe Sara sometimes

Your thoughts first waking up: nrgh?
Your best physical feature: back of my neck, face
Your bed time: when i can't figure anything else to do online
Your most missed memory: having a friend whose sentences I could finish without getting into a bitch off or worrying that we aren't interested in the same things anymore

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi. Addiction blows
McDonald's or Burger King: mcky d's
Single or Group Dates: Fuck buddies?
Adidas or Nike: never worn either
Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee

Smoke: once in a while
Cuss: would liked to think i could stop
Take showers: once week
Have a crush: No. And I miss it.
Like(d) school: yes. hate the work, liked that I am forced to be social
Believe in yourself: I presume this is about self-confidence. Yes. I could be an astronaut if I really wanted to.
Believe what goes around comes around: Nope.
Believe everything happens for a reason: nope.
Think you're a health freak: i shower on a week to week basis, so no? I also might have lyme disease but I don' give a shit. I'll probably live

Gone to the mall: nah
Been on stage: nope
Eaten sushi: yes
Been hurt: yea, huge fucking bruise on my leg for a while
Dyed your hair: Nope

Played a stripping game: yea
Kissed the same sex: yep
Got beaten up: yes, but he got his and probably had a crush on me since it was fucking middle school
Changed who you were to fit in: always, only time i don't is with close friends

Age you're hoping to be married by: not sure if I even want to. I've always been alone, think it suits me
Number of kids you're planning on having: Not sure i want any. see above

Best eye color: Green
Best hair color: black. mmmm azns
Short or long hair: short on boys, w/es on girls
Looks or personality: personality
Fun or serious: totally srs rghtnow.

1 MINUTE AGO: Before this survey, setting up an asian cinema blooog.
1 HOUR AGO: finagling bagels
1 WEEK AGO: slave labor
1 YEAR AGO: Trying to find a job and to forget all the shit

I FEEL: a bit sad when I think about it. BUT YOU CAN'T TELL CAN YOU HAH
I HATE: this rash on my knees
I HIDE: my hatred of most everyone I know
I NEED: moar chicken nuggets
I LOVE: spaceships

What is a food that you'd hate to be allergic to?:
um, tomatos would be kinda tough.

What color was the last towel you used?:
light blue

Would you prefer to date someone taller, shorter, or the same height as you?
way taller. and manly.

When was the last time your nose bled?
Yesterday. took a door to the face

How old are you turning this year?:
20 fuck me

What is your favorite thing to snack on while watching a movie?:

Swimming pool or hot tub?:

Can you swim well?
ye, holy fuk this quiz is long

What body part do you wash first in the shower?:
I'm never gonna get that blog set up if this takes this fucking long

Who would you allow to read your thoughts for one day?
anybody. you'd realize how mean I really am.

What kind of first impression do you think you make?
timid, aloof, or something quiet-like. dunno, i've never met me.

Name your last reason for using a camera?
sunrise looked cool

Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?
fell to my floor last night

What are you excited about?
atashinchi no danchi episode seven getting subtitles this weekend.

Seven days from now, will you be in a relationship?
nope. and my best friend is ditching the town, so I'm left with all these fuckers that I kinda can't fucking stand

Are you a happy person?
always. it rocks to be me

When was the last time you laughed really hard & why?
today. watching old nakatsu clips from japanese Hana kimi. He's so fucking adorable and funny WITNESS:

What are you wearing?sweatshirt jeans

What do you want?
subbers to work faster

Did you enjoy your weekend?
yea. til i got this rash

Do you regret anything you've done recently?

Is there anybody you wish you could see?
yep, almost always

Have you ever kissed anyone with a name that start s with J or M?

How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust?
Matt, Drew, Sam, Bryan, my brothers, Dan, Sam G

Do you think you’ll be married in 10 years?

What makes you mad most about girls?
They don't say what they mean

Have you ever been given roses?
yes /blush

Do you even like getting flowers?
not particularly

What's your favorite flowers?
lily of the valley probably

Will you be in a relationship 4 months from now?
probably not. maybe tho

Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes?
I don't make mistakes (but yea, of course)

Could you go out in public looking like you do now?

Can you be your complete self around the person you like?

Whose the first person you texted today?
my boss

Would you move to another state to be with the person you loved?

What did the last IM to make you smile say?
From izumi, telling me what makes oguri shun so great. she was right

Do you ever get a text saying good morning?
never. no one's that dependent upon my attention.

Last movie you watched and who did you watch it with?
neighbor no. 13. alone because no one else cares about this shit

What are you doing tomorrow?

How's the weather today?
rainy : )

Where is the person you need most right now?
somewhere in new jersey

What color are your eyes?
hazel like every other white person

Do you like poptarts?
most assuredly

Where will you be 12 hours from now?
at work

Is it easy for others to make you feel intimidated?
Yes. Fuckers.

Do you know what you are going to wear tomorrow?
pants, long sleeves, scoks

Where's your girlfriend/boyfriend at?
the distant future

Are you on a desktop or laptop?

Does anyone hate you for no reason?
no, i gave them a reason

Can you make yourself cry?

What are you planning to do today?
the rest of today? set up that blog

Play an instrument?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
KURT COBAIN. I'd realy perfer the future. Want a spaceship.

What are your favorite colors?
reds, yellow greens, light light blues, sweet purples, and greys

Where did you get the underwear you are wearing right now?

Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with an R?

Have you ever passed out?

Are you easily confused?
depends on the idiot doing the confusing

Do you think you would make a good wife/husband?
I'd make a decent husband

What's your favorite kind of ice cream?

Do you like coffee?

Do you like summer?
it's ok

Is your current hair color mostly your natural hair color?
yes. i want some colors tho, bored.

What color are your socks?

Where were you at 8am this morning?

Do you fall for people easily?
instantanously in and out. Currently out, want to find someone to crush on : (

Everything happens for a reason?
no, you already said that

Have you ever dated someone more than once?
no, well. "dated"

Who have you texted in the last 24 hours?
nobody. all by my lonesome

Last thing you got in the mail?
bank statement

What is your current crave?
jdoramas comedy

What color nail polish is on your toes?

Do you find members of the preferred sex confusing?
Not at all.

When is the last time you saw number 2 on your top friends?
Holy fuck, I'm going to start calling Emily "number one".... and saying 'make it so'

What are you listening to right now?
the sound of my pepsi carbonation fizzling away

How has the week been?
pretty crap

What do you like about the person you like?
Don't like anybody, but if I had to force and push a crush, I'd say it's his unavailability and relentless friendliness. Smiling even when people are being dicks. because he's smart enough to think it's funny.

Is there something you wish you could tell someone but can't?
No. If I can't say it it's because I don't want to say it.

What are your biggest turn offs?
narcisism, ironic I know. lack of self-awareness. inconsiderate behavoir.

Favorite shirt to wear?

Favorite drink?

Last person to say 'I love you' to you?
Ted Gill.
I was leaving drew's. Sara said it to ted and then me. Then ted said it to sara and then me. I said it to sara, and awkwardly told ted I don't really know him that well.

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

What's your favorite color gummy bear?
aren't they all the same

What is the nicest part of the opposite sex's body?
hands bigger than mine

Have you ever run into a dishwasher?

Ever had a song sung about/for you?
No, one once started, but he realized it would just make me feel wierd, because i suck at romance

Is there a baby in the room with you right now?

Do you know how to dance?
no. doesn't stop me if I want to.

Where do you sing the most, in the car, the shower or other?
the car. definately

What is your favorite thing that is green?
The ArmY! no, rly, probably aparagus

What did your last text message say?
can you pick up some eggs. the order didn't come in today

What is the way to your heart?
A hatred of romance and love of geeky random fucking shit. oh how i crave a geek friend that I know IRL

What do you smell like?

What's in your pocket?
paycheck, wallet, multitool, watch, phone

Anything in your mouth?

Ever hurt yourself playing Wii?
lol no

Do you have freckles?
i have a dot on my face

How many languages can you say "Hello" in?
who cares

What's the last movie you saw in the theater?

Ever jumped/fallen/been pushed in a pool with your clothes on?

Are you wearing any clothes that you wore yesterday?

Name a song that you know all the words to:
fuck, i have to go look at itunes
you know i fucking miss winamp

What's the last thing you watched on TV?
Good man - third eye blind

What's the last video game you played?
DDR for shits and iggles

Can you do the alphabet in sign language?

Do you wear glasses?
always always

What can you hear right now?
Mom and dad bitching about how fucking fucked up everything has gotten : (

Did you feel better or worse or the same yesterday?
about the same level of shitty

What was your favorite childhood show?
next gen,

Are you close to your siblings?
i thought so

Do you bite your nails?

Do you like your feet?
they're fine

Do you sleep well at night?
once i'm asleep I'm fine. takes a while and drugs to get there sometimes
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